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Product Details

If you have a European or Scandinavian built caravan or camper with an onboard water storage tank and a flexible pipework system that resembles a garden hose material and 20mm accross, then this is the Combo kit for your needs.

Winner of Practical Caravan’s – Caravan Accessory of the Year 2012, our Floë system is a simple way to drain down your caravan or camper, making way for beautifully fresh drinking water, or in preparation for those cold winter frosts

  • Drainage Instructions
  • Step 1 : Drain water heater and open tap to run water pump for a moment. Turn power off to electric pump. Close all taps. Fit Floe device to plug in adaptor.
  • Step 2 : Fit device and adaptor to socket on side of van.
  • Step 3 : Attach an air compressor or a foot pump to the valve located at the bottom of the Floe device. Compress to 15PSI (1BAR) maximum.
  • Step 4 : Go to the first tap and run until dry. When dry, close taps at sinks, showers and any other water outlets. When system is drained leave all taps in the open position.